Change is good

We've been building Urban Cloud for some time now. But, recently we realised that the name no longer did justice to what we had built. So, we changed our name to something more fun, more memorable.

Because who doesn’t love waffles?

That’s why you have been redirected here, to our brand new website.

Waffle allows you to have real-time discussions on the things that interest you. Join in immediately and right from your phone. It's easy enough for anyone to get started in just a few swipes.

Whether you want to know about rocket science, good restaurants nearby or even who's coming to Coachella? How about the next episode of Better Call Saul? Or why not cats? If cats are your thing, then you're going to have a huge Waffle.  

Sign up now, earn rewards and get started on the road to becoming a top chef with ultimate, and we mean ultimate, bragging rights.

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