Change is good

We've been building Urban Cloud for some time now. But, recently we realised that the name no longer did justice to what we had built. So, we changed our name to something more fun, more memorable.


Because who doesn’t love waffles?

That’s why you have been redirected here, our brand new website. But don't worry we are still committed to protecting your right to privacy, and are 100% keeping our promise of never selling any your personal information.

A community for you to share your thoughts & learn from the world around you. 

Jump into group chats with people who share your interests and enjoy fast, flowing conversations on the things you’re passionate about.

Waffle is great for:
- Your connected life: real-time discussions on topics you find interesting
- Your social life: chat with friends and find out what’s trending around you
- Your professional life: collaborate on projects, share news and ideas

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